Welcome to RFIDcoder, the RFID encoding and decoding API service.

RFIDcoder is a REST API for encoding and decoding UHF Gen2 RFID tags according to the GS1 EPC Tag Data Standard.

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Just want to encode or decode a few tags by hand?

Then try the free interactive RFID encoder/decoder available from GS1 global. It's the same encoding/decoding logic as RFIDcoder, but presented in an easy-to-use interactive user interface rather than as a REST API.

Need an embeddable software library?

The encoding/decoding logic inside RFIDcoder is available as a software library that you can integrate with your own application. You may prefer this to RFIDcoder's REST API, especially if your application may not always have Internet connectivity. The software library can be licensed both for end users and for OEMs, and is available for Java and other JDK-based languages, for C# and other .NET languages, and in ANSI C for embedded applications. Please inquire by e-mail to helpdesk@gs1.org. You may also download a product brochure.